Web Design & Development

From conception and strategy to design and implementation, VertEvo builds and hosts premium websites for businesses, associations, government, and Fortune 500 companies. Our designs and intuitive user experiences specifically address our clients’ business goals and solve user challenges. Driven by passion and innovation, our work has been recognized for high standards of excellence by numerous industry experts. Our websites not only give the front-end user a great online experience, they’re also easy to update for back-end administrators.

Website visitors today are sophisticated and expect easy to navigate sites and they have little to no tolerance for a site that doesn’t easily provide them with information. VertEvo offers more than a site search solution. Our search functionality features rich tools and capabilities that enable marketers and merchandisers to execute personalized and targeted campaigns that enhance the customer experience and increase conversions.


All of our ecommerce platforms include features and functionality that turn your website traffic into conversions and repeat customers. Intuitive navigation allows users to quickly find products. Order management through easy to use content management systems as well as customized shipping, analytics, marketing, SEO tools, and secure hosting all help increase conversions. Let our successful experience in ecommerce development lead you to bigger online profits. VertEvo has ecommerce solutions that work for all kinds of retailers, manufacturers, associations and government agencies, from emerging to mid-sized businesses to large enterprises. Your ecommerce platform is more than the sum of its parts. With and ecommerce website developed by VertEvo, not only will you receive the best in ecommerce functionality, you’ll get expert support, hosting, and strategic advice from a successful, experienced web design and development company.

Hosting & Security

VertEvo provides quality, managed hosting services for our customers. We provide Cloud Hosting in data centers in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, as well as colocated equipment in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Dallas, Texas, USA, offering a wide range of hosting product at upmost standards and competitive prices.  We know that Customer Service is one of the main advantages one can have in a crowded industry and we always strive to offer a prompt, knowledgeable reply regardless if you’re experiencing dificulties using our services or just have a few questions.

We use Cisco networking equipment, Dell, HP and Supermicro servers, as well as technologies like BGP4, iSCSI, FiberChannel, etc. We also make extensive use of Citrix XenServer, which offers a very efficiant use of resources while offering greater security and reducing downtime (both planned and unplanned).


VertEvo consists of a team of native speakers from around the world providing quality transcription services to clients from a variety of industries. All file types are accepted and the transcripts can be delivered in any requested format.

  • We provide transcription services from audio and video in a wide range of languages;
  • File formats: plain texts, subtitles, HTML, MS Word formats;
  • Uploads: web, email, Dropbox, etc.
  • Delivery: fast and easy – we deliver straight to your email
  • Revisions: we are offering you unlimited revisions


VertEvo provides professional subtitling for Education, Entertainment and other Media. Professional and hardworking native speakers ensure a professional end product.

We can help you decide on which subtitle solution works better for you. The subtitle industry can be very complex to understand but with our experience we will make the process simple. Some projects will need the subtitles burned onto the source videos while others can benefit from standalone subtitle files such as .srt, .ssa, .sub, .usf, .idx, .xml and more.

Audio/video creation & editing

VertEvo can provide video production and editing services. We utilize a network of incredibly talented graphic artists and video producers who can provide the results you are looking for. We can work with raw footage or revise already completed projects to meet the requirements you are looking for. Contact us for more information and to let us know more about your particular video project.