Welcome to VertEvo

We are a creative and experienced company that gathers web developers and programers, designers, voice over talents, musicians, sound engineers, artists and video editors. We can provide you with a wide array of services, ranging from graphics and web design, website creation and hosting, company identity creation, voice over, sound design, soundtrack production, video processing, to cover and karaoke production, thanks to our vast collective experience in the multimedia domain.

Thanks to our creativity and acquired knowledge, we will guide you in creating and emphasize your own visual and audio identity. Our team can produce high quality content for your website and presentations, movies or TV shows, corporate films, audio or visual advertising, radio jingles, video games.

Web Development

VertEvo‘s Web Services covers your need to present yourself, present your company, your products and/or services worldwide, sell and do business online, run an online marketing campain, document events, or just be online.

Audio Production

From simple voice-overs, audio compositions, soundtracks and karaoke covers to complex scoring and digital audio mastering and editing, VertEvo is your single source for high-quality, high-impact audio production.

Video Processing

VertEvo‘s competencies in brand and corporate videos, promotional videos, advertising clips, website and music video production will help your company reach a whole new level of success.

Translating & Transcripting

VertEvo‘s Translation & Transcription services provides one of the market’s most accurate written account of all the spoken words in an audio or video file, delivered to you in a wide variety of file formats.




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