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Offering the Most Exclusive Private Networks to Expatriates around the World

In our globalized world, professionals of all industries travel the world to develop their businesses.

International assignments are also a norm, whether for a brief mission or a long term relocation.

At Expatler, we believe that regardless of the length of stay, living in a foreign country is an exciting adventure that deserves to be experienced at its very best.

Hence, we strive to provide the most exclusive social networks to facilitate the overall expatriate experience.

The Expatriate Market

Expatler LTD offers to Companies targeting Expatriates, a vast array of advertising tools to promote their products and services.
Advertising with Expatler LTD means reaching an exclusive selected audience of Professional Expatriates Diplomats, Lawyers, Bankers, Engineers, Architects, Local Entrepreneurs etc… and their Spouses.


Our latest Network

HongKongExpats.hk is the most exclusive online private network, only for Hong-Kong-based Expatriates Professionals, Foreign-born local Entrepreneurs and their Spouses. Members are given the unique opportunity to connect with the local expatriates’ community, and develop lasting bonds during their sojourn in Hong Kong.

Membership to this exclusive community is reserved to foreign-born executives working locally and their spouses. Those include business owners, or managers working for an international organization, a foreign governmental institution, or any other establishment from the corporate world sent to live abroad for a mandate or mission.

By becoming a member of such exclusive community, Members of HongKongExpats.hk can benefit from the following perks and benefits:

Get Support: Expatriates can broaden their professional and personal networks by meeting with others foreign residents in Hong Kong. Having likeminded people with similar experiences supporting each other can facilitate adaptation to Hong Kong's expatriate life.

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Sharing Knowledge: Expatriation experience will be further enhanced by taking advantage of the pool of knowledge and resources shared by HongKongExpats.hk Members. This information derives from a variety of perspectives and come from different cultural or industry backgrounds.

Advice on Hong Kong Life: Members can ask for advice on expatriate-specific topics such as the best doctors or lawyers as well as the finest schools and recommended the best restaurants.

Get Exclusive Benefits: Members will also have the chance to enjoy access to exclusive job offers, share interests and hobbies by creating themed groups with other expatriates.

Expand Network: Chat, Private Messages, Forum Discussion are part of the means of communication that can be used to interact with other Members on the private network. Furthermore, HongKongExpats.hk Members can also organize topnotch get-togethers and social events.

HongKongExpats.hk is the website of reference for expatriates who want to get to know other expats that share the same passions or work in the same industry, within or in proximity of their particular Hong Kong district.

Our workforce is our strength

At Expatler LTD we are proud to work with brilliant and open-minded individuals.

Our people thrive in small local teams and high-energy environments, believe in the ability of technology to improve the Expatriate experience, and are as passionate about their lives as they are about their work.

The variety of backgrounds and experiences of our co-workers, allow us to ensure that our ideas are diverse, well-rounded, and rooted in the desire to help Expatriates internationally.


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